Saturday, 11 February 2017

Pucker Up! Valentine's day lipsticks x

What better excuse than Valentines to whack on some lipstick and pucker up...(well I don't need a holiday for that but let's go with it) Here are some of my favourite Valentine weekend inspired lipsticks to ensure all eyes are on your gorgeous mouth, whether you are smooching someone or not ;)

So after some strenuous pouting on paper (those are my lipstick marks were made by yours truly) here are 12 of my favourite smooch worthy lipsticks from Left to right starting from the top row: Maybelline Color Sensational in Pleasure Me Red. This is a moisturising,  comfortable to wear solid suits everyone, deep red. I really like the formula of these lipsticks and they are pretty affordable for the colour pay off, my only bugbear is they kind of slide around a bit and I find myself having to top up and fix it a lot (par for the course sometimes for a bright lip).  Daniel Sandler's Micro Bubble Lipstick in Bubble Red. A tomato red which is punchy, loud and stays put but still gorgeous to wear and non-drying. Then it's Avon's matte lipstick in Ruby Kiss. In their as campaign Avon boast that this formula is "more matte than MAC" and it is CERTAINLY matte. This is a raspberry toned red and I would say great for the price point but does feel a teensy bit dry on the lips when wearing all day. You definitely have to make sure your lips are well moisturised and in good in good shape before wearing this formula as it would show up any flakes/dryness/uneven skin. Ick. 

Second row: For those who fancy something a bit more neutral is the gorgeous pinky Love Lorn by MAC. This is a soft baby pink in the lustre formula and would look amazing with a smokier eye or an overall natural make up. Ladybug by MAC is next up, a soft, sheeny glossy apple red that is really pretty. I've used this on brides before when doing make up and it is gorgeous. A great choice for those who want to try red but not go for a full on bright or matte formula. Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red is a sexy, matte, glam red which is amazing to wear and non drying on the lips. Love it and love the gold retro packaging. (Okay okay it's what's on the inside that counts)

Third row: Rebel by MAC is a creamy purple plum which I love. It fades to a bright plum stain after a few hours wear and is a great alternative to traditional red for something a bit different. Next up is Caprio by Sara Hill. This is a true, hot blooded red and is part of the new Ex Collection of lipsticks. The formula, the name, the colour and staying power is what makes this an absolute cracker. Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in In Love With Ginger is a hot orange which I think would especially flatter olive and darker skin tones. This is super bright, and fabulous, but some may be put off by it's distinctively "make uppy" powdery cosmetic smell. I kinda like it, but some may not.

 Bottom row: another one for the nude/neutral lovers is another offering by Sara Hill in Pink Truffle which is a creamy pinky/brown nude. Gorgeous. Then it's Tom Ford in Cherry Lush, sexy, raspberry red which  full on and looks awesome also packaging to die for. Last up is a blackberry plummy stain in the form of Chanel's Rouge Allure in Elegante. This is dark, grown up and surprisingly wearable thanks to the light satiny formula.

There you have it! 12 lip options for Valentines Day and beyond. Now it's time for some serious lip balm application as flirting with all these colours and puckering up is hard work!

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